Frequent Questions

1. How to get there?

Essentially by plane. You have the choice between arriving in Paris (590 kms), Lyon (180 kms) or Geneva (89 kms). Then you have a connection to Albertville by train and/or bus. You can check the train website:

2. Where will I live?

Singles live on the 2nd and 3rd floor of our main building. Families live on campus in our family building or off campus in apartments that belong to other landlords. Fore more information about Albertville :

3. What about our children schooling?

Your children attend school close to the place you live. Teachers have known CEF children for years and are very good. According to their age, your children will be enrolled in: Our nursery for babies form 0-3. The French Kindergarten for children from 3-6 (they should be potty trained or use the nursery). A French Primary School for children from 6-11. The children are taught French a few hours a week. A French High School for children from 11 upwards. This school has a special class to teach French to foreign children.

4. How do I get a car?

You can buy one here depending on your budget. Leaving students often sell theirs; in that case you have to fill out a form for the prefecture so that the car is in your name. It costs between 50 and 200 euros in general and you have your papers in around a week.

5. Is there an Internet access?

Yes. The school provides in the campus buildings a free wireless Fibre Internet connection.

6. How do I pay?

When registering you can make a transfer to the school account. When at school, you can pay with your International Bank Card, make wire or open a Franch Bank account.

7. Is it expensive to live in Albertville?

Living in Albertville is less expensive than in bigger cities. The budget for a French family , including food, cloths, car and leisure, is around 200 euros per person and per month.

8. Security

For politeness and security reasons, NO information concerning a student or another AFEB member (name, address, PHOTO…) will be issued without agreement of the concerned person, whatever the media.

9. Should I bring a container?

No, you will find everything you need in France. The CEF provides the furniture for the apartments, the food is various and good, and different mega stores expect you for your daily needs. Moreover, coming “light” will help you to immerge in the culture. It still can be convenient for you to come with your microwave or personal blender… Don’t forget adapters in that case!

10. What about local churches?

In Albertville, these churches, by alphabetical order, welcome you: The Assemblies of God Church, The Protestant Evangelical Church, The Protestant Reformed Church. Other communities also exist around Albertville.